Music for peace

One of the greatests journalism experiences that I have ever had. It was in my early twenties,  in a Press Office located in the Paulista Avenue. It was a regular bussiness, with common costumers, as lawyers and doctors. For those who does not know how a Press Office works, it is a bussiness that writes texts called releases, and make contact with the different types of media to engage them in the social agenda and promote them in the society.

Beside the regular clients, sometimes my boss used to get some freelas in order to raise the profit. That is how I met the `Music for Peace`. It is an enterprise of a project called Sul`ha, that means truce. The project is made by people from the Middle East culture, with the intent of promoting the peace between muslins and jews. The project coordinators are artists that inspire themselves in the spiritual lessons from both religions to create the poetry of them songs.

The project was invited by the members of Temple Beth El – the oldest Synagoge in Sao Paulo – to come to Brazil, due to the transformation of this jewish temple into a library. With the purpose of spreading the knowledge and peace, this project was just meant to be for the occasion. One of the directors of the project, Ihab Balha, performed a religious muslin`s dance called Sufism inside the temple. The intent of this performance was to represent the peace between both religions and develop a paradigm break when combining the symbols of both religions together.

See the video of the dance here:








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