Curriculum Vitae – Jussara Ribeiro

Jussara Ribeiro
+353 089 956 2611
Fluent English (7.5 IELTS – C1)  /  Fluent Portuguese


      I am a high creative professional, with strong communication skills; I wrote and edited stories for multiple media platforms.  Always attentive and open-minded, I am proactive, quick learner, good team worker and friendly.

During the period from the end of 2014 until now, I have been working abroad in different kind of roles, as catering assistance and barista. This was an opportunity to develop my interpersonal skills and helped to evolve my spoken English, that is now fluent. 

Social Media
Mobly (Rocket Internet) –  Mar 2013/ Out 2014
– Responsible for the Facebook, Google +, Instagram and Blog
– Reached the first million likes on Facebook
– Learned marketing skills as Data Analysis, SEO and Google AdWords
(E-commerce of furniture sponsored by Rocket Internet (Investor from Germany))

Journalist / Social Media

Abril Magazine Publisher – 2010/2012
– I worked in a decoration website, called, in different areas: texts, photo, video and social media, and developed the skills of each media particularly
– Part of the team that reached the first million likes on Facebook`s.
(This is the biggest Publisher from Latin America, with 9.000 employees and 18 magazines)

Some of my published videos (in Portuguese):
– 1* edition of Casa Claudia Magazine Interior Design Award

– Casa Cor event – Urban Cottage

Trainee – Text Editor

São Paulo State Government – Jan 2010/Mar 2010
– Responsible for the organization, verification and correction of the information about the government, for the government`s magazine
– In this role I developed my text edition skills, to verify the accuracy and clearness of the information to be published

Press Office experience
Vera Moreira Communications – Jan 2009/ Dec 2009
– Responsible for writing releases, doing follow up of news about the clients on the media
– Responsible for taking the clients in TV and radio interviews to disseminate them in the media. Great opportunity improve my network
– Developed my skills of writing, professional communication and interpersonal relationship
– There is a post on my blog about one experience that I had in this job:



  • Independent Colleges 2017 – Until now
    – Business College – Level 8 degree

  • ICOT English School– 2017
    – Advanced Class
  • ELA English School– 2016
    – IELTS Course (proficiency english test)
  • Griffith College– 2015
    – English Course – Advanced
  • Casper Libero University – 2009 / 2012
    – College of Journalism / Social Communication
    (The first and most reputable Brazilian Journalism College)


  • Musical Poetry`s Workshop, Mário de Andrade poetry`s house – (may/2014)
  • Theatre`s Workshop, Amácio Mazzaropi School – (may/2014)
  • Creative Writing`s Workshop, Abril Magazine Publisher (jul/2011)
  • Internet Video Production`s Workshop, Abril Magazine Publisher (mar/2011)
  • 1° Culture Journalism`s Congress, Cult Magazine (may/2009)



  • Orisha Oxossi Charity house– Sep/2017 – Present
    I work once a week as a volunteer for a Brazilian Church to help people to find spiritual comfort.
  • Babylon Radio – Set/2017
    Attended to meetings to help organizing project’s ideas. Wrote a text and helped develop the social media part.
  • Things That Happen In Dublin– Jan/2015
    Attended to meetings with the team and developed ideas for the website and social media.
  • Maracatu Bloco de Pedra / Cia Caracaxa Education Projects – jan/2007 – dez/2013
    Part of the organisation of the projects, that has the intent to disseminate the
    Maracatu, a Brazilian rhythm musical genre helping to spread culture, to improve the education in poor neighborhood and cities from Brazil.

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